an AU BSSM rp

Soldiers by Moonlight  


An au dark sailor moon rp. 


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We have released a preview of the skin! 



Stay tuned for more sneak peaks! 

xoxo Staff

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Anonymous said:
"can I ask what's going on with this rp? you promised screen shots of the skin and site but they never happened?"

As I’ve said before, we have lives but apologize for the lack of updates. The RP has been put on hold until we get more staff and fix the site.

Anonymous said:
"When are you going to open? :D"

We recently finished the site, and other coding for the application and general info topics are mapped out, we only have to procure graphics, and put up the necessary topics and we’ll be ready to open. 

However please know and respect the fact that we have lives as college students, teachers, and parents, and to be mindful and patient. We want everything to be perfect when we open.

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Anonymous said:
"do you allow reservations?"

That hasn’t been decided yet, anon, but we will definitely release that information in our faq page.

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This is a Soldiers by Moonlight announcement! 

Hello Moonies! The staff have been slaving over the site, and we’re glad to announce that we are done coding and that we’ll be releasing a sneak peak of the skin soon! 

The plot as well as the application will soon follow! 

Stay tuned for the skin preview, and we hope to see you soon!


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Hey Moonie fans, we’re an upcoming BSSM AU RP group taking place post crystal tokyo. We will be associating the roles with Greek mythology, so if you’re interested please follow for status updates and the upcoming links to the forum!  



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